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Third Verdict of Year Against Billionaire Alki David Reached for $8.25 Million in Sexual Harassment Damages


Notorious Greek-British Hologram billionaire, Alki David, is in the news again, this time for a verdict against him totaling $8.25 million dollars in damages stemming from liability for battery, sexual battery, and sexual harassment against a former employee. Mahim Khan, who was a former production assistant at David’s media companies such as Alki David Productions Inc and FilmOn TV, was awarded the $8.25 in damages. Court documents allege that David “thrust his pelvic area into Khan’s face, simulated oral sex, moaned, zipped up his pants, and walked away saying, ‘Thanks, M.K.'”

The ruling marks the third sexual harassment verdict of the year against David, who has been accused of numerous acts of improper behavior by a litany of former employees. 

In April, a California jury ordered David to pay former employee, Chasity Jones, $11.1 million following her claims that she was terminated after spurning his sexual advances. Additionally, in October, David was ordered to pay Jones’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, $1.34 million in fees. 

Furthermore, last month a jury ruled in favor of former Hologram USA (one of David’s companies) comedy writer, Lauren Reeves, awarding her $650,000 in compensatory damages and $4.35 million in punitive damages. Reeves testified that during the time she worked for Hologram USA she was subjected to both physical and psychological abuse, including David grabbing her throat and buttocks, and regularly propositioning her for sex. Reeves also described what is perhaps the most infamous of all the allegations against Mr. David, detailing an office incident where he undressed and, while completely nude, displayed what he referred to as his “mangina,” which entailed tucking his genitals between his legs and out of her field of vision. Additionally, Reeves described an incident where David pulled down his pants and forced her head towards his crotch. According to court documents, David also told Reeves that he needed to buy supplies for his “rape room.”

Throughout his testimony in the Reeves lawsuit, David admitted to engaging in some of the behavior described by her, but portrayed it as merely examples of jokes that were commonplace around the office. David further clarified the office culture as indicative of the “shock content” for which his media companies are well known.

The ruling in the Khan case comes after the judge revoked David’s right to represent himself earlier this month (David had represented himself in previous cases). The judge’s revocation incited David to storm out of the courtroom in a profanity-laced tirade. Last week, David objected to the court’s refusal to review documents he submitted for introduction, telling the judge, “This is America, not Nazi Germany.”

To date, David has refused to settle any of the cases against him and vowed to aggressively fight and appeal all charges. He denies the allegations, publicly asserting, “I never touched these women.” David also faces a retrial in 2020. Attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells PINews, “We will continue to fight for our client Chasity Jones’ right to collect the over $12 million judgment we won at trial, and we will continue to fight for justice for our client Elizabeth Taylor at her retrial in 2020.”

Regarding the latest $825 million verdict against David, Bloom stated, “I applaud the jury’s most recent decision finding Alki David liable for workplace sexual misconduct. I applaud all of the women and their attorneys, who had to have immense courage to stand against him, though he has screamed at us, threatened us, demeaned us, posted fake online articles about us, and done everything except what he should be doing: taking responsibility for his damaging behavior.”

The Alfred, Marako & Goldberg firm represents Ms. Khan. Attorneys indicated an expectation for the jury to decide on punitive damages by next week.