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Dominion Voting Sues Former Trump Lawyer for $1.3 Billion in Defamation Damages


Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit in a Washington federal court against a pro-Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, seeking over $1.3 billion in damages for pushing false election claims and adhering to deceptive trade practices for the Trump campaign. Along with Powell, the suit also names her law firm and an organization, Defending the Republic, which she used to solicit donations for her election-fraud-claim litigation.

The lawsuit says that Powell created havoc by spreading wild and false allegations, which included accusations against Dominion for playing a pivotal role in rigging the 2020 U.S. election in favor of Joe Biden. The suit declares, “Dominion brings this action to set the record straight.”

The lawsuit outlines Powell’s numerous online posts and television appearances, whereshe incited unfounded beliefs and linked the company with communist officials from Georgia and Venezuela. Powell’s claims were also perpetuated by both Donald Trump, as well as his online supporters.

For weeks, Powell claimed that Dominion was founded on communist funds via Venezuela, and that the company was working on executing vote manipulation, like ballot stuffing, to falsify the election against Donald Trump.

Dominion filed the suit via a 124-page complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Districtof Columbia. The company said that the alleged false narratives and “viral disinformation campaign” has damaged its resale value and reputation. It also stated that Powell led the campaign with the sole intention “to financially enrich herself, to raiseher public profile, and to ingratiate herself to Donald Trump.”

Through an interview, Dominion CEO John Poulos shared that he aims to clear the company’s reputation and name through the lawsuit, “We feel that it’s important for the entire electoral process,” he said. “The allegations, I know they were lobbed against us .. . but the impacts go so far beyond us.”

Dominion lawyer, Tom Clare, on being asked if the company intended to sue the news media or Trump in connection to spreading misinformation, said “we have not ruled anyone out.” He further added that the company is “looking very deliberately at the statements and actions of everyone who has been involved in talking about Dominion” since they plan to file additional lawsuits and name other defendants in the coming weeks.

Powell, via a tweet on Friday, called the lawsuit “baseless & filed to harass, intimidate, &to drain our resources.” She also tweeted, “We will not be cowed in exercising our 1st Amendment rights or seeking truth.”