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Moreno Valley, California Chiropractor Arrested and Accused of Sexual Battery of Patient


In July, Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of sexual battery of a patient at the offices of a Moreno Valley chiropractor. Riverside County Sheriff’s Sergeant, William Stens, described the allegation as related to an alleged groping incident. It was the second such incident where authorities were summoned to the office of 52 year-old, Dr. Sam Khumooro, of Eastvale. The first incident requiring authorities to respond to the scene occurred in September of last year. The second occurred on July 25th of this year. Khumooro’s office is located along the 23000 block of Alessandro Boulevard.

The September of 2018 report led to an investigation which was ultimately concluded due to a lack of evidence. But an investigation following the incident this past July led to what officials described to KTLA of Los Angeles as “enough evidence to arrest” Dr. Khumooro. Further details of the alleged battery were not released, however. 

Khumooro was booked on suspicion of battery at the Robert Presley Detention Center for sexual battery, with bail set in the amount of $5000. Additionally, KTLA has reported that, “Investigators believe that the incident is not isolated.” As a result, Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station Investigators are seeking the assistance of the public and encouraging anyone who may have been a victim of Dr. Khumooro to contact lead Investigator Pentel directly via 951-486-6793.

CBS Los Angeles reported on September 12th that a local business owner was quick to publicly defend Khumooro. Mr. Jerry Ayoub, owner of the business two doors down from Khumooro’s office, stated emphatically that he believed Khumooro to be innocent.

“It’s a setup, a hundred percent a setup,” Ayoub said. “There’s no way in hell this guy would do these things.” 

Mr. Ayoub has owned a market in the same shopping center as Khumooro for the past 15 years. Khumooro has also operated his chiropractic business in the center for 15 years, and over time the two men and their families have reportedly come to know each other quite well. Ayoub told KTLA that Khumooro was “happily married with two daughters and is respectful toward women,“ adding that, “He’s a family man…He’s not like after sex or something.”

According to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Khumooro has been a licensed chiropractor since September of 1998. He has a four-out-of-five star rating from patients via HealthGrades.com. Overall, patients describe “good services” and various “hands on treatments” for a variety of personal injuries. According to Khumooro’s Facebook page, Moreno Valley Chiropractic, he specializes in personal injury cases related to pain management and spinal wellness, as well as personal/sports injuries and spinal decompression.

At present, the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station’s investigation is in progress.