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Dockworker Maimed After Forklift Falls Off Loading Dock


A 29-year-old dockworker recently suffered a critical injury when the forklift he was driving fell off the loading dock.  The weight of the massive machine trapped the worker, whose arm was pinned under the forklift.

Victim’s Partial Arm Amputation

The Technical Rescue Team from the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the emergency call, and they were successful in freeing him with the aid of another forklift. The damage to the victim’s arm was significant, however, as he suffered a partial arm amputation due to the severity of the accident.

The worker was airlifted to the nearest trauma center, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was alerted to investigate the incident.

Heavy Machinery Pose Fatal Risks to Workers

Every year thousands of injuries occur due to accidents related to heavy machinery. Some of the most common injuries include forklifts overturning, workers being hit or pinned down by forklifts, and accidental falls from the machines, all which can result in severe injuries or death.

In cases of forklift and other heavy machinery injuries, primarily those that result in amputations and other permanent and severe injuries, it would be prudent to contact a personal injury lawyer to access the most significant financial compensation possible.