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Texas Supreme Court rejects Alex Jones’ request to toss lawsuits


The Texas Supreme Court has rejected the appeals by Alex Jones and his company, Infowars LLC, to end four defamation lawsuits. The rulings upheld the decisions by two lower courts and allowed the cases to proceed.

In Connecticut, parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims sued Jones in Travis County, alleging that Jones defamed them and caused emotional distress when he repeatedly claimed that the shooting was a hoax and that the parents were seasoned actors. In the shooting, 20 children and six adults lost their lives. The suits cited various comments made by Jones that included terms like “a giant hoax” and a “false flag” intended to promote gun control support.

The ruling also allowed a lawsuit against Infowars and reporter Kit Daniels, filed by a man who mistakenly identified the shooter in the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Jones hosts and runs a show on the Infowars website that promotes an array of conspiracy theories. One of his ideas that gained widespread attention was that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, ran a child trafficking ring out of a pizza shop in Washington, D.C. The imaginary theory prompted a gunman to fire a rifle inside the pizza shop to break up the ring.

The defamation cases come from two parents whose children died on Dec 14, 2012. Jones claimed that the shooting was a false operation aimed at controlling the use of guns. He also claimed that “no one died” in the process, and that they were all crisis actors. Due to the falsification of information by Jones, his followers started harassing and stalking the families of the victims.